Tarell A. Friedley

As an attorney in solo practice, Tarell has contributed to the success of businesses ranging from family start-ups to expansion of international corporations.

With an emphasis in business succession planning, Mr. Friedley works with a diverse client base to establish, grow and pass on business legacies.

Evan A. Friedley

With an adaptive skill set that is continually evolving, Evan is a born problem solver.

From systems engineering to business strategic planning, Mr. Friedley uses his inventive and entrepreneurial spirit to move his clients forward.


Our goal is to help every client safely traverse unknown terrain to acheive new heights.


There is no substitute for real world experience. Tarell and Evan utilize a knowledge base built from years of experience in their respective fields to think globally and act locally.


Trial by fire has forged a team with the strength and agility to find solutions to even the most complex problems. This father and son duo utilizes skilled advisors and bleeding edge analytics to move their clients toward long term success.


Reliable networks are at the core of successful businesses and stable systems. With roots across the state of Minnesota and trusted partners around the world, their community plays an integral role in crafting sustainable results.